The CKX31 is a low-cost inverted microscope with a fixed binocular observation tube that delivers high optical performance, convenient operation, and a small footprint. The UIS2 PlanCN objectives deliver plan correction over the complete field of view for efficient observation.

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  • Brand: OLYMPUS
  • Model: CKX31

Enhanced Cell Culture with Advanced UIS2 Optics

The CKX series make cell checking quicker and easier than ever before. Simple to operate, they require minimal optical adjustments and capture superb images with outstanding efficiency. A compact design allows installation inside cell culture clean benches and right beside the incubator, improving safety and saving time spent on transporting specimens for observation. The CKX31 is the standard model for essential cell culture observations using a fixed binocular tube.

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Cell Activity Status Observation with Enhanced Clarity

By simplifying the light path, UIS2 optics improve flatness for 10 to 15 %, enabling clear, high contrast images that extend to the edge of the field of view.

Clarity at the Periphery with PHC-type Objectives

The PHC type objectives are minimally affected by the surface tension of the culture fluid, which compromises clarity at the image periphery. Multi-well observation is greatly improved from this feature. Combining this with the improved flatness from the UIS2 optics results in clear uniform observation at the cellular level.


High-Clarity Relief Contrast Observation

High-resolution relief Contrast (NA 0.5) Allows 3D Observation of Thick Specimens

Consistent directional contrast is maintained throughout all magnifications. Additionally, the slider is controlled by a simple lever and utilizes a common aperture between 20x and 40x, maximizing ease-of use and reducing time spent making optical adjustments.


Vertical Slider Installation Avoids Interference with Manipulators

Vertical slider installation prevents accidental touching of the manipulators while making optical adjustments.


Quick, Adjustment-free Specimen Observation

Pre-centered Phase Contrast Slider for Quick, Adjustment-free Observation

Pre-centered phase contrast slider maximizes efficiency by eliminating the task of centering and exchanging ring slits when changing magnification. By minimizing the amount of optical adjustment, routine imaging can be completed easily.

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