The BX46 is specifically designed to meet the demands of repetitive routine microscopy. This clinical microscope is focused with a moveable objective nosepiece rather than by moving the stage. The stage is fixed in a very low position, allowing the user to rest their arm on the desk when moving specimens.

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  • Brand: OLYMPUS
  • Model: BX46

A Premium Standard in Ergonomics

The BX46 was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of repetitive routine microscopy. In contrast to conventional microscopes, where samples are focused using a moving stage, the BX46 has a moveable objective nosepiece. This allows the stage to be fixed in the Z-plane very close to the desk surface and it is, therefore, in the same place relative to the user’s hand at all times. The unmatched three-dimensional adaptability of the new observation tube also provides the ideal posture for the user. This unique BX46 microscope design shows the attention to detail used in the construction and ensures the highest levels of comfort for long-term screening.

Designed for the User

The BX46 has been developed to enable the user to maintain the ideal, ergonomic posture all day. This includes an upright back and neck, which allows the spinal column to assume its natural soft “S” curvature in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic curves. Furthermore, the ultra-low stage enables users to maintain the ergonomically correct 90-degree angle at the elbow, and the reduced torque of the stage ensures minimal force is required to navigate.


Three-dimensional Adjustment

Creating the ideal upright and comfortable posture during microscope operation is not only essential, but absolutely necessary for each user. With the ergonomically ideal telescopic, tilting, lifting observation tube, the inclination angle, tube extension and tube height can be adjusted, allowing a fully flexible set-up in three dimensions. As a result the microscope can be adjusted to precisely match the user. An additional ergonomic tube offering inclination angle and tube extension adjustment is available in two different versions. One model generates the conventional inverted observation image, whereas the other produces an erect observation image moving in the same direction as the specimen; this makes it easier to find a specific area in the specimen.


Ultra-low Stage

The BX46 design is a complete departure from the standard upright microscope, offering a stage positioned only 128 mm above the desk surface - lower than any other microscope in this class. This has two positive effects for the user: the stage is always at the same height and requires little elevation of the hand and forearm from the desk to place and remove samples from the stage surface.


Easier Navigation

In addition to its low, fixed height, the BX46 offers two further ergonomic features: a low torque mechanism and Ergo Grips on the XY controls, both reducing the force required to navigate around the sample. This is further improved through the low positioning of the stage controls, eliminating the need for the user to lift their hand off the desk.


Quick Capture

A remote exposure knob can be mounted on either side of the microscope to allow image acquisition at the touch of a button without requiring the user to turn away from the microscope to look at the monitor and use the mouse - a more efficient and ergonomic fit for the user.


Continuous Observations

Continuous observation using objective magnifications from 4x to 100x is possible without the need to swing the condenser’s front lens out of the light path. Since switching between these low magnification objectives is common for clinical screening, removing the swing-in/swing-out step makes screening far more efficient while saving the user time.

Straightforward Gout Inspection

The microscope can very easily and quickly be adapted for use in the detection of gout, since the analyzer insrts directly in o the nosepiece. For routine gout screening, a rotating stage can be mounted instead of the standard mechanical stage.


Optimized for Both Eye and Camera

The versatile BX46 system is more than a microscope and can easily be tailored to a sophisticated imaging system for any application. From advanced cutting edge research work to optimal stand-alone models for conferencing. Our full line of digital cameras and cellSens imaging software ensure e.g. the capture of histological stains with pixel-precise color fidelity for all clinical diagnoses.

The cellSens is not for clinical diagnostic use.