Olympus CX31

The CX31 fixed specification binocular biological microscope is ideal for teaching and routine applications. All main controls are located close together, enabling operation with minimal movements.

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  • Brand: OLYMPUS
  • Model: CX31

Advanced Optical Performance with Cost-efficiency

A cost-efficient yet high-performance solution for clinical and educational use, the CX31 offers clear brightfield imaging with excellent flatness, and ergonomic design for greater operating ease and comfort during extended use.

Outstanding Flat Images with PLCN Objectives

As well as Olympus' renowned UIS2 optics infinity system, the PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives provides outstanding flatness, producing sharp, clear images right up to the edge of the field of view. 10x and 40x is ideal for so frequent usea at testing and examination work. 







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Bright and Even Illumination

The optimized aperture iris diaphragm with built-in condenser and standard field stop provides bright and even illumination at all levels of magnification. 6v 30w halogen lamp as illumination system enable for bright images.

Superior Optics

Excellent UIS2 Optics

The UIS2 eyepiece provides wide field of view (FN 20) and allows easy observation with eyeglasses. The PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives ensures bright, clear observation with outstanding flatness.

Wide selction of Observation Tube

Three types of observation tube (binocular, trinocular and tilting binocular) are available according to users' applications.

Integrated Abbe condenser

A built-in Abbe condenser, with NA 1.25 and optimized aperture diaphragm, provides the appropriate diaphragm setting to different specimens and magnifications.

Protected by an Anti-fungal Treatment

The treatment applied to the observation tubes, eyepieces and objectives, protects quality of optical parts even in high humidity regions.








Ergonomic Design Features

Rackless Stage

Rack-free stage with no side protrusions. Low positioned control knob allows smooth and comfortable specimen movement. Scale gradations are in white lettering on a black background.

Stage Handle with Tactile Grips

Tactile grips are fitted to the X and Y stage controls to provide a "light touch" stage movement.

Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focusing Knob

The coaxial coarse/fine focusing knob allows each operator to adjust the torque for coarse focusing operations. Focusing is smooth and easy, with the user's hands placed on the desk.

Coarse Upper Limit Stopper

Locks the upper position of the stage, preventing contact between the objective and the specimen in high magnification observations.

Highly Rigid Frame

Extra rigid frame withstands frequent use and repositioning.

Hand Grips for Easy Portability

Convenient hand grips at the front and back of the frame make it easy to carry the microscope.