Olympus BX43

The BX43 microscope offers an outstanding range of features, high optical performance and is the ideal platform for digital imaging. This flexible microscope offers various contrast methods and superior optics combined with true-color LED illumination for excellent color rendering.

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Ergonomics for the User

A comfortable view is entirely different from person to person and it is, therefore, essential that the microscope can accommodate each user down to the millimeter. The Olympus line-up of observation tubes provides this capability, whether it’s inclination angle, tube extension and/or tube height adjustment, a full flexible three-dimensional adjustment is possible.

Highly Adjustable Binocular Tube

Creating the perfect upright and comfortable posture during microscope operation is not only essential, but entirely dependent on the user. With the ergonomically perfected telescopic and, tilting, lifting observation tube, the inclination angle, tube extension and tube height can be adjusted, allowing a fully flexible set-up in three dimensions. As a result the microscope can be adjusted to precisely match the user, rather than the other way round.


A Binocular Tube for Every Need

A diverse range of tilting binocular tubes is available meeting various demands. One model generates the conventional inverted observation image, whereas the other produces an erect observation image moving in the same direction as the specimen; this makes it easier to find a specific area in the specimen.


Designed for Increased Efficiency

Light Intensity Manager for Uniform Brightness

It is an optical fact that different magnifications require different illumination intensities to maintain overall brightness in the field of view. When screening a sample it is not unusual to move up and down repeatedly through the available objectives, which also means changing the light intensity with each turn of the nosepiece. The light intensity manager in collaboration with the true-color LED automatically adjusts the illumination intensity to the user’s predefined levels witheach objective change.

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Optimal Lighting for Pathology and Cytology

Olympus is taking brightfield illumination to the next level with advanced mixed-matrix LED technology. This true-color LED has been designed to provide a color rendering index similar to that of a halogen bulb with a daylight filter. These yield stain colors that appear exactly the same under the true-color LED as they do under a daylight filtered halogen. Additionally, similar colors can be clearly differentiated. This advanced color rendering technology, provides a wavelength rangeideal for the most commonly used stains - purple, blue and red (e.g. haematoxylin and eosin - HE and Papanicolaou - Pap)


Low Magnification Condenser U-LC

The broad-range condenser U-LC is designed to meet the requirements of clinical brightfield observation. Its optical design allows a magnification range from 2x to 100x. This is more efficient and comfortable for the user as there is no need to swing a top lens in and out of the optical path when moving between objectives.


Expandable for Many Applications

The BX43 offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance for the clinical market. With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid, Y-shaped frame coupled with easy-to-operate front controls and unique color-matched LED brightfield illumination, it also offers improved versatility and ergonomic operation. The compact space efficient frame of the BX43 enables comprehensive routine work functions with outstanding cost-performance, making it an idealand versatile stand-alone microscope for standard imaging applications - performance and versatility that is ready to meet evolving needs.

An Adaptable System

The BX43 provides the clinical screening environment with the ideal balance between a dedicated specialist and a flexible system. It is ideal for long-term brightfield screening and features the same UIS2 optics and color-matched LED technology as the BX46 , providing the best clarity possible. 

Condensers for All Applications

Olympus has developed a range of UIS2 condensers to suit a myriad of application. For the clinical field, where brightfield observation of stained specimens (such as HE-stained tissue sections) is core, Olympus has developed condensers with white tops, which enable users to position slides very easily by eye. The BX43 is available with condensers to cover brightfield (BF), darkfield (DF) and phase contrast (PH), as well as a condenser specially designed for low magnification. In addition, auniversal condenser is available for all these methods with insrts for DF, PH and even a special insrt for 1.25x magnification. The broad-range condenser is designed to meet the requirements of clinical brightfield observation.

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Ideal for Education and Discussion

It is essential that, when new people join, they can learn from the existing team. Making this as efficient as possible is a key goal for all training establishments. In the live environment, team discussions and case meetings are also highly important and facilitating these can require a number of different solutions.

Group observation systems

In addition to the ergonomic binocular and trinocular observation tubes, Olympus offers customizable dual-observation and multi-viewing attachments for laboratory discussions. These systems are also invaluable for clinical observations, teaching and instruction, which are much more efficient if the entire group can see the discussion specimen through an individual eyepiece. There is a wide choice, designed for two to ten or even more participants.


Various Accessories for Digital Imaging

The versatile BX43 system is more than a microscope and can easily be tailored to a sophisticated imaging system for any application. From advanced cutting edge research work to optimal stand-alone models for conferencing. Our full line of digital cameras and cellSens imaging software ensure e.g. the capture of histological stains with pixel-precise color fidelity for all clinical diagnoses.


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