The SZ51 new ComfortView eyepieces ensure fast, comfortable observation with the advantage of pupil aberration control, while the universal LED illumination stand brings together all the advantages of LED technology.

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  • Brand: OLYMPUS
  • Model: SZ51

Compact Stereo with High-Quality Optics

Greenough Optical System

The 10-degree angle of convergence in the Greenough optical system secures excellent image flatness with large depth of field. The careful selction of lens surface coatings and glass materials in the entire optical system makes it possible to observe and document specimen in their original, authentic colors. The V-shape optical path ensures a slim zoom body - ideal for integration in o other equipment or standalone use. 


Wide Zoom Ratio

The SZ51 provides the magnification rage of 8x to 40x (using 10x eyepieces), with a wide zoom ratio of 5:1.

3 Dimensional Viewing

The optimum inward angle allows just the right combination of high level flatness and depth of focus for 3D viewing. Even a specimen with significant depth can be brought in o focus from top to bottom for faster inspection.

ComfortView Eyepieces for Reduced Eyestrain

Quick, comfortable observation is ensured by this exclusive eyepiece design featuring pupil aberration control and appropriate positioning of the eyepoint. Also, superior optical coatings render true color images with fine detail.


LED Illumination

The universal reflected/transmitted light LED illumination stand brings together all the advantages of LED technology. The flat, high-brightness LEDs allow successful integration of transmitted illumination in o a very slim base, which in turn facilitates easy specimen access and manipulation. 


Electrostatic Discharge Protection

The main body and major accessories can quickly eliminate static electricity with the use of antistatic materials and coatings. This prevents a specimen under observation from electrostatic damage. 

Choice of High-Performance Bodies

The SZ51 zoom bodies provides 2 different magnification ranges, and each one is ergonomically designed with a 45-degree inclination tube as the standard model. For special applications where the zoom body has to be tilted of use with other equipment of mounting on a universal stand, the built-in models with 60-degree inclination tube are available. 

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