• Microscopy ergonomics

    Upon walking in o a busy laboratory it isn't unusual to see microscopes sitting on books, tilted at odd angles, and otherwise precariously supported in a variety of positions to accommodate their users.

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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Field Curvature

    Curvature of field in optical microscopy is an aberration that is familiar to most experienced microscopists. This artifact is the natural result of using lenses that have curved surfaces.

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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Optical Aberrations

    Lens errors in modern optical microscopy are an unfortunate problem caused by artifacts arising from the interaction of light with glass lenses.

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  • Anatomy of the Microscope - Microscope Objectives

    A majority of microscope manufacturers also offer a wide variety of objectives having unique configurations designed to perform specific functions not normally found on common laboratory microscopes.

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  • Microscope Objectives: Specifications and Identification

    Microscope Objectives: Specifications and Identification

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  • Microscope Objectives - Introduction

    Microscope objectives are perhaps the most important components of an optical microscope because they are responsible for primary image formation and play a central role in determining the quality of images that the microscope is capable of producing.

    2018-03-28 Pooher Inc. 1279

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