• Anatomy of the Fluorescence Microscope

    Fluorescence microscopes have evolved with speed over the past decade, coupled to equally rapid advances in laser technology, solid-state detectors, interference thin film fabrication, and computer-based image analysis.

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  • Hoffman Modulation Contrast Basics

    The featured section serves as an introduction to the basic concepts in modulation contrast microscopy with numerous illustrations and examples of how the technique is implemented.

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  • DIC Microscope Configuration and Alignment

    DIC components can be installed on virtually any brightfield transmitted, reflected, or inverted microscope, provided the instrument is able to accept polarizing filters and the specially designed condenser and objective prisms.

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  • Darkfield Microscope Configuration

    The following section reviews the steps in the configuration and alignment of a microscope for both low and high magnification transmitted darkfield illumination.

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  • Transmitted Darkfield Illumination


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  • Microscopy ergonomics

    Upon walking into a busy laboratory it isn't unusual to see microscopes sitting on books, tilted at odd angles, and otherwise precariously supported in a variety of positions to accommodate their users.

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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Substage Condensers

    The substage condenser gathers light from the microscope light source and concentrates it into a cone of light that illuminates the specimen with uniform intensity over the entire viewfield.

    2018-04-12 Pooher Inc. 159

  • Microscope Objectives: Numerical Aperture and Resolution

    The numerical aperture of a microscope objective is a measure of its ability to gather light and resolve fine specimen detail at a fixed object distance.

    2018-03-29 Pooher Inc. 341

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