• Basic Concepts in Digital Image Processing

    Digital image processing enables virtually noise-free modification of an image in the form of a matrix of integers instead of the classical darkroom manipulations necessary for analog images and video signals.

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  • Transmitted Darkfield Illumination


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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Substage Condensers

    The substage condenser gathers light from the microscope light source and concentrates it in o a cone of light that illuminates the specimen with uniform intensity over the entire viewfield.

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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Eyepieces


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  • UIS2 Infinity Optical Systems


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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Field Curvature

    Curvature of field in optical microscopy is an aberration that is familiar to most experienced microscopists. This artifact is the natural result of using lenses that have curved surfaces.

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  • Anatomy of a Microscope - Optical Aberrations

    Lens errors in modern optical microscopy are an unfortunate problem caused by artifacts arising from the interaction of light with glass lenses.

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  • Anatomy of the Microscope - Mechanical Tube Length


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